Bubble puff w/ free chocolate and powdered sugar  Delux Bubble Puff w/ Ice cream & fruit topping Delux Bubble Puff w/ Ice cream & fruit topping

 Supper Bubble Puff     Regular Bubble Puff Bubble Puff w/Condense Milk

  • Bubble Puff (sweet, crunchy, and airy dessert waffle) 
    1. Regular Bubble Puff  (*see free toppings)
    2. Mac Nut Bubble Puff real macadamia nuts bake right inside a bubble puff, giving it a crunchy Hawaiian twist.
    3. Bubble Puff Ala Mode *bubble puff topped with one full scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnished with fresh fruits
    4. Delux Bubble Puff Ala Mode  bubble puff topped with one full scoop of locally made fresh gourmet ice cream garnished with fresh fruit.
  • Super Bubble Puff (Healthier alternative bubble puff provided at special events or special orders).
Super Powered Bubble Puffs made with fresh vegetables and zero preservatives for   
 a healthy and delicious treat. Moms love the  great nutrition, kids love the taste!

1. Spinach Bubble Puff 
The lively green color of the bubble puff is naturally derived from 
fresh spinach leaves, while also providing a boost of iron and antioxidants.

  1. 2. Carrot Bubble Puff Wholesome carrots create a bright and energetic
  1.  orange bubble puff for a great source of
Vitamin A and fiber.

*Bubble puff free Toppings: Powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup, condensed milk, cinnamon, and more. 

Lava Cake or Lava Cake Ala Mode (with ice cream), Size: reg & large Dream Toast Ala Mode (with fresh fruits, honey & whipped cream)


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